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Brick exteriors offer a unique style that is simultaneously classy, timeless, warm and earthy. Or, you might have brick inside your home, allowing for a chic industrial feel. One downside to brick, however, is something that can also work as a benefit, depending on your perspective: brick just doesn't really change. Maybe you want to see a change, though, and your creative juices are flowing. This leads you to the million dollar question: can you paint brick? In short, yes you can, and it can look great too.

How Do You Paint Brick?

Before you pick colors, grab your favorite brush, and block off a Saturday or two (or fifteen or sixteen) on your calendar, here is an all-important question to ask: are you sure? This question isn't meant to be a wet blanket, but rather serve as a reminder that whether you are a professional painter or have never cracked open a can, painting brick is a permanent decision. It is practically impossible to remove. So spend plenty of time making sure you are doing the right thing!

With that public service announcement complete, here are a few steps to get you on your way:

1. Clean the bricks- This is always an important step, whether your project involves interior or exterior painting. It is best to hose your bricks with a garden hose because a pressure washer is a bit too powerful unless you are extremely careful. If you are painting INSIDE your home, we do not recommend hosing your bricks (we just had to say it).

2. Let the brick fully dry

3. Inspect your siding- If your brick has large pores, or gaps, paint it with block filler before priming.

4. Use primer on your bricks- Use a latex masonry primer. This will also help to seal up the surface before painting.

5. Paint your brick- I recommend that you invest in a high-quality, latex/acrylic masonry paint.

Tips for Exterior Painting

Because of the nature of bricks and the masonry involved, there are a lot of nooks and crannies that can make thorough paint application difficult. It is worth looking into using a paint sprayer as it allows for a nice, even coating and tends to find its way into the tricky spots without all the dabbing that a paintbrush calls for.

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