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The Kansas City Metro’s top exterior painting company

Neighborhood Painting, Inc. is the premiere exterior painting company in the area. Our biggest selling point is that we don’t every sub-contract your work to cheap manual laborers. The Kansas City market is flooded with companies who subcontract out there interior paint work, and this leads to inferior job performance, lack of professionalism, low quality, and poor customer service. That’s counter to who we are, and as such, you’ll always have a trained, certified and full-time employee painting the outside walls of your home.

At Neighborhood Painting we only employee true painting professionals and we will never subcontract out any of our work. This allows us to provide the highest quality service and jobs that last for years. We back up this claim with a full 5 year labor warranty.

a home gets an exterior paint job in Kansas City Missouri Our exterior painting process

We have a truly unique style of exterior painting, and it shows in the quality of your work. Prep work/surface preparation is the key to lasting jobs, and we put in the extra hours up front to make sure your home is not just beautiful, but painted to last. We have separate crews to handle wood rot/siding repair and another crew for the actual painting of your walls. The prep is done by the first crew which includes wood repairs and surface preparation. These are actual carpenters on staff who handle all of our wood repair jobs including custom fabrication needed in historic homes, windows that need rebuilt, siding replacement and rotted trim. Your home will have all wood repairs completed and all surfaces cleaned and prepped prior to the arrival of the painting crew. There is a little down time in between crews – usually a couple days – and this allows you to inspect the prep job for yourself and have the confidence of knowing that your home was properly prepped prior to starting any outside painting.

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