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For the average homeowner, differences between commercial painting and residential painting don’t really equate to much; after all, a paint job is just a paint job, right? In reality, while there are indeed some commonalities between the approaches, there are important distinctions that set them apart and that should be noted when heading into hiring a contractor for a job.

The “Big Deal” Behind Commercial Painting

In fact, commercial painters are a “big deal” because they handle big jobs – consider the sheer size of a commercial facility and what goes into painting its surfaces. This is something that is normally beyond the scope of a residential painter, who usually lack the infrastructure and sometimes the physical gear to handle large-scale commercial painting projects. Conversely, commercial painting contractors generally boast the right amount of staff and even scheduling protocols to complete large jobs on a taut schedule.

Some Tidbits Regarding Commercial Painters:

  • They are accustomed to the demands of a physically rigorous work environment.
  • They are experienced in the “logistics” of large, major projects and have the infrastructure to keep a project moving along according to plan.
  • They are generally able to schedule painting whenever it fits within the needs of a particular business – as compared to residential painters, who almost always work within a standardized Monday through Friday frame (often impossible in a commercial environment).
  • They normally offer a more diverse range of services than residential painters, including but not limited to faux-finishing, epoxy flooring, electrostatic painting, sandblasting and more.

A More Detail-Oriented Approach: Residential Painters

A typical residential painting contractor will often take a more “relaxed, ” detail-oriented approach to a project because they include a high communication factor with the owners/designers; as such, residential painters are receptive to the owner/designer requests and can indulge in a much more predictable work environment. Indeed, they are accustomed to performing extensive preparations, moving furniture and the like and “minding their work ethics.”

And while new construction residential painting projects are somewhat akin to the commercial varieties, the remodeling projects are quite different…just something to keep in mind.

What Expert Residential Painting Contractors Provide to Homeowners

  • Hiring experienced and seasoned residential painters can relieve much of the worry associated with repainting a home.
  • They can provide color-matching service, advice on which colors will work best with your interior design scheme and explain how to get the job done with the least interruption to your life.
  • The right residential painters will come as an established, reputable company; will boast enough staff to do the job properly and efficiently; will provide free quotes and will ultimately use quality materials.

Painting one’s home or business – thus choosing either residential or commercial painters – can benefit your lifestyle, improve curb appeal and increase value of a given property. Further, the ideal painting company will do this work for a reasonable price and keep interruptions to an absolute minimum.

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