Wheels Painting service

Zenetti Masquerade White

Custom Coloured Wheels

Are you looking to customise your newly purchased set of rims to match the colour of your vehicle? Or maybe you don’t feel like spending more money to purchase a new set of wheels to enhance the look of your car.

Ozzy Tyres is proud to announce, that we offer custom painted or powdered coated steel, alloy, chrome and mag wheels.

By giving us your vehicles colour code, we can have your inner and outer car wheels painted to any colour of your choosing.

Have you heard anywhere else in Australia that provides this service? Want to know how we do it?

Lexani LSS-10 Red-BlackAny custom coloured wheel must consist of 3 different layers of paint. The first layer is a primer (or preparation) coat to cover the base metal of the wheel. The primmer also provides a perfect protection layer for the second coat for increasing paint durability, whilst providing additional adhesion & protection for the material being painted. The whole wheel is then painted with a clear coat for that custom hot wheels look.

Check out some examples below:

Zenetti Masquerade – 5 spoke white coloured wheel, with black inner lip designed for passenger & SUV vehicles.

We guarantee that this will exceed your expectations. Want to find out the latest design trends, vehicle and wheel colour matchups current available in the market?

Custom Coloured Brake Calipers

Looking to add a little more of a customised look to your ride? Ozzy Tyres can paint your brake calipers to set off your new wheels and give your ride a more stylish look.

NSI NSI Pottery Wheel
Toy (NSI)
  • Adjustable foot pedal
  • Pottery air dries
  • Paint and decorate your finished product
  • Includes 2 lbs of clay
  • Detailed instructions

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