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Tactical Rifle Painting by John McQuay

You have spent the time and effort to spec out the perfect tactical rifle, or maybe you bought an off the shelf Remington LTR or 700P. Either way, you now have great rifle that you intend to deploy in a tactical environment. The problem is these type of rifles don't usually come from the factory setup to blend with your surroundings. They are usually "tactical black" or if you are really lucky and purchased a fiberglass stock, you may get a camouflage pattern molded in. In both of these circumstances it's unlikely that the weapon will actually match the terrain. You also probably have a black colored barrel, action, scope and hardware. All are likely to stick out like a sore thumb to anyone with decent eyes. Rarely do we find black in nature. So what to do? The answer is simple. Just break out the spray paint. Now relax. I know some of you just cringed. It's OK. If you take the appropriate measures you will not hurt your expensive rifle. I know it looks pretty "naked" but we aren't trying to impress the guys at the range. We are trying to conceal our position in the field, allowing us to better gather intelligence and if need be to engage selected targets.

This article is mainly geared towards the Military Sniper or LE Sniper who operates in rural terrain, however Urban LE Snipers would do well to follow along. Even in cityscapes a big black rifle stands out. Most cities still have parks, bushes and trees here and there. If you don't like the colors we use, then go with some light and dark shades of gray and tan. Anything is better than black.

Here is our starting point:

This is a Remington 700 .308 Varmint in a Bell & Carlson Light Tactical stock. It's equipped with a Falcon Optics 4-14x44FFP rifle scope. It looks good, but it sure won't blend in to most AO's.

First we need to make sure the weapon is unloaded. Then wipe down the outside with alcohol, acetone or another solvent that will not leave a residue. If you use acetone, use it sparingly. Acetone can eat away many plastics and finishes. Also take care to keep the acetone away from the optics. It can damage seals. Once you have the rifle free of any oils, the fun begins. Take a moment to look the rifle over and think about anywhere that paint could cause problems. Obviously optics need to be taped off so that all of our markings will be visible later. The lenses also need to be protected from over spray. Paint can and will get everywhere. DO NOT rely on your scope caps to keep paint out. Any small screws and bolts need to be protected. Paint will build up in the heads and prevent you from getting the appropriate tool in later and can lead to stripping. The trigger mechanism needs to be completely taped up. We don't care about the trigger bow, but all access to the trigger mechanism itself must be sealed off. The following images illustrate some of the areas and methods I use. Regular blue painters tape works extremely well, comes off easy and does not leave the residue that some other masking tape does. Please take care to plug or tape the muzzle. A little paint over spray in the muzzle will likely be forcibly removed with the first shot, but every shot counts. If you got a large amount of over spray it could damage the bore. My favorite method is to place a disposable foam ear plug in the muzzle and let it expand. This creates a nice seal without having to worry about tape sticking and I don't have to pick it off later. The bolt should be removed for the duration of the process.

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