Miniatures Painting service

If you search the internet for, the search will return many results. Why? Many people think it’s a cool and easy way to earn some extra money without too much effort and in an enjoyable way. Some of them are right…

Many people come to our website, and after seeing so many painted miniatures in our galleries, they begin to wonder if it would be possible to place a commission and have us paint miniatures for them.

Miniature Painting Service


Sometimes they’re lucky enough to find suitable miniatures on our ebay auctions. Usually it’s a good way of acquiring such miniatures much faster than waiting for them to be painted, and often cheaper! The downside is that you can only bid on what is currently available…

Sometimes people are lucky enough to find suitable painted miniatures on ebay. Usually it’s much faster and often cheaper! The downside is that you can only bid on what is currently available…

Miniatures For Sale

Unfortunately in most cases you won’t be able lucky enough to find the miniature you need available on auction. In this case you may check if we don’t happen to have such a model available for sale directly on our website. It’s a very rare thing to find anything there, but why don’t you check it? Maybe you’re lucky enough?


You may be confused or surprised by the differences between the way we work and what most miniature painting studios do. It would be good to read how we work and if you still have any questions – simply contact us and ask us about it. We will gladly answer your questions.

There are many miniature painters. Some of them have preferences regarding subjects or quality. Some are worth dealing with, some should be avoided at all cost!

More Than Just A Miniature Painting Service

And if you cannot get the miniature you would like from us, you can check our forum. You will find many miniature painters, and some of them run a miniature painting service and may be able to help you. There are many miniature painters. Some of them have their preferences regarding subjects or quality. Some of them are worth dealing with, some should be avoided at all cost! You can also ask us for some recommendations. We know many a miniature painting service and many painters, so we can offer you some advice and direction.

After all we’re sharing the same hobby – painting miniatures! And who doesn’t enjoy talking about their hobby? We do, and that’s why this website is here for you. We’re glad to share our knowledge, experience and love for painting minis. Miniature painting service is just one aspect of this hobby. And if you want to have a miniature painted by one of our painters – why don’t you simply let us know.

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Popular Q&A

What is a good miniature painting service?

I just started a warhammer 40k army and I want them to look awesome. What's a good miniature painting service that's not too expensive.

You should check out Warring Souls. He does a really nice job and is reasonably priced.

How to Paint Miniatures.

Most of the painting services I know of are individual painters, and while good, they can be on the pricey side.
You may want to check out the painting forums for the game you have the miniatures for. A lot of people that paint post pictures of their work hoping to solicit work, and you may want to contact them.
Also, a search of forums or miniature painting services will yield a lot of results. You can contact most of them through e-mail and get a better feel for who you want to paint your army. It also depends on what level of quality and how big of a budget you have, most painters…

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