Auto Paint Touch Up Services

Need a little touch-up?
Close to 80% of the vehicles on the road today need some paint touch-up. To protect metal from rust and further damage, you can often touch-up small areas of missing paint for an inexpensive price. If your paint is compromised, moisture is getting to your bodywork and rust is forming.

Paint touch-up will not produce a professional-looking repair, but will protect your vehicle from further environmental damage and rust. When you are looking to save money, but you want to keep your damaged paint from deteriorating further, paint touch-up may be the answer for you.

When you are looking for paint touch-up services – give BUMPERDOC a call!

Paint touch-up can be effective on paint chips, nicks, scratches, rust spots and bumper scuffs.
The repair area is kept small to minimize repair time and materials costs.

Our skilled technicians are able to expertly match the paint color of your vehicle by using a computerized system and a specific color code located on your vehicle.

What can be repaired with Paint Touch Up ?
Stone Chips
Key Marks
and more...

Most all vehicles on the road for any length of time suffer from a variety of chips and scratches. Conventional methods can cost hundredsof dollars and take days to complete, so most customers assume they have to live with the damage. Professional paint touch-up can drastically improve the appearance of a vehicle.

"I frequently small nicks and scratches just from everyday driving. I spend most of my drive time on the highway and somehow always ends up behind a tractor trailer. I'm pretty sure that's how most of my scratched happen. Being in real estate, I still need my car to look great and that where you always help me. Thanks for keeping my car looks it's best and allowing me to spend more time working with my clients."
- Cindy Paul

“The quality of the repair and the quality of service was amazing. To think I saved so much time and money was astonishing. This is the new frontier of auto body shops.
- Richard Allen

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Ford Ford touch-up paint any color.(Excluding UG tricoat kit)
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Ford)
  • Excludes UG white platinum tricoat kit
  • Built-in, full-width agitator thoroughly mixes paint for exact color match.
  • Equipped with two unique applicators, a pen tip for precise retouching of fine chips and scratches and a brush with a tapered tip for pin point or broad stroke use
  • Ideal for retouching nicks, chips and scratches.

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Honda Genuine OEM Honda Carbon Bronze Pearl Touch-Up Paint (Color Code YR562P)
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Honda)
  • Brand new genuine OEM Honda Carbon Bronze Pearl Touch Up Paint (Code YR562P)
  • Honda color codes are generally found in the driver s door jam.
  • Includes an easy to use brush, and an innovative no clogging pressure sensitive tip that makes fixing small scratches on your vehicle quick and easy.
  • Perfect for touching up small scratches and chips.

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OnlinePartsBin Toyota Camry 1F7 Classic Silver Metallic Professional Touch Up Paint Kit
Automotive Parts and Accessories (OnlinePartsBin)
  • Kit Contents:
  • ½ ounce of professional grade touch up paint that is custom mixed according to the year of your vehicle
  • Detail brush to apply to even the smallest of rock chips
  • 1 Large Microflex Glove
  • The color code can be located in the driver side door jamb. We will also need the YEAR, MAKE, and MODEL of your vehicle.
Ford Genuine Ford Motorcraft Touch Up Paint Dark Blue Pearl Metallic DX
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Ford)
  • Dark Blue Metallic
  • PMP-19500-7083A
Camco Camco 41002 Black Streak Remover - 32 oz
Automotive Parts and Accessories (Camco)
  • Removes black streaks from RV
  • Professional strength
  • Useful for interior cleaning, too
  • 32 oz Spray Bottle

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This company did a terrific repair on my bumper and doors for a very good price. Punctual and very clean job. The color match was excellent and the blending was outstanding

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