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Small Painting Contractors

Why not every painting company is willing to give an estimate on a small paint job.

There are customers that are willing to pay a price for a professional paint job, yet some find that the company they like, is unwilling to place a bid on a small job. And here is a point of view of a painting contractor, to why this might be happening.
The process on getting a painting job is usually the following:
A contractor needs to come out to potential customer's residence to look at the job first. Not many professional painters are willing to give a commitment on price over the phone, without even looking at the painting project. And this is just the first trip to a home owner's residence.
No one likes to be pressured into any agreements, so if the contractor is smart, he will not try to talk a customer into signing the contract on the spot. Instead, after writing up the painting bid the contractor will leave, letting the customer to make up their mind. If the customer feels good about painter skills and the price seems fair, the painter needs to come back another time to sign a contract and pick up color samples. If a color match is needed a painter needed to drive to a Dunn Edwards store (that is where most contractors buy their paint) to drop off color samples, and come back the next day, as same day color match is not always available.
And finally after agreement has been achieved, colors matched a painter has about a day, or half a day of work during which he actually earns money. If calculate all the driving involved in getting one painting job it will add up to about half a day. Compare that to a complete painting job of a house, that gives a contractor possibly a few days of work or even a week, depending on the size of the job and the size of the paint crew.
One professional painter will cost a contractor over $100 a day in overhead. Two painters, and it is already over $200 in just labor costs in one day. Add here fuel cost, driving time, advertising cost, license/bond/insurance fees, and profit that needs to be made as in any business, and a home owner is looking at a few hundred dollars even for a very small paint job. If economy in poor shape, more people looking to save money and not every home owner is willing to pay a few hundred dollars for a small paint job. As a result not every contractor is willing to spend time placing a bid on a small job if chances of getting it are not very good.
So what is the best way to find someone that can do the job in a professional manner without the professional price?
One of the best places to look for a painter who does small paint jobs is There is a lot of painting companies...

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Small business liabilty insurance for painting contractor rates in CT?

I have a 2 man interior/exterior painting business and need to find the lowest liabilty insurance rates for the state of CT

Good luck on that. If you were interior only, with a two man outfit, liability only would run you around $1500 a year.
But you do exterior, also. If you go less than three stories, residential only, you're looking at probably $2500. That's a FAIR rate.
Just like, if you were going to come paint my house, and I want you to do it for $25, how does that sound?
You'll have to go to a local agent to get this coverage, too - you can't buy it online.

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