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The State of Florida does not offer a license specifically for paint contractors. However, Florida does require that all those working in the construction industry, including painters, possess a license. In addition, some counties require a county-specific license, but this varies by area. The county clerk's office can provide information about which licenses are required for the county and how to apply. Florida also requires that businesses register a name through the secretary of state.

Step 1

Attend training to learn about construction codes and administration. Classes are offered through the state. Get information on classes and locations through the Florida Department of Business and Professional Information. The training should take about 14 hours to complete.

Step 2

Apply for Florida's certified general construction license. Registered licenses also are available, but these will only allow a painter to work in the areas the license covers and will limit the ability to take on jobs in multiple counties.

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Step 3

Take the state certification exam. Before applying for a license, you must pass a state exam for general contractors. Contact the Florida Department of Business and Professional Information to schedule an exam date. Exam results can be checked on the state's website.

Step 4

Complete the initial licensing application form. You must be at least 18 years old and must have passed the state certification exam within the past four years. In addition, you'll need to least four years of experience (which can include education), a credit report, fingerprints for a background check and proof of insurance, and you must pay a fee.

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