City of Sacramento Painting

Painting Contractor Audit Checklist

  • Have the original/copy of the document authorizing the work, if this has not already been sent to SSPC in advance. This may be a letter of authorization, purchase order, or contract as long as it bares the signature of the client. Contractors are encouraged to attach these to job notification forms.
  • Have a document that describes the work to be performed. This document(s) contains the specifications for the work and the standards that must be met. Copies of referenced documents, which include work requirements, or standards must be available for examination at the site. *
  • Have all documents recording changes in the work, non-conformities, and corrective actions on site.
  • Have a current list of the site employees and a description of their duties, along with payroll information.
  • Have a document control procedure and documents authorizing employees to act.
  • OSHA and other regulated postings along with a copy of the company's Mission Statement must be posted.

Safety Compliance Documents/Procedures:

  • Have a copy of the company's project-specific safety and health plan on site.
  • Job related accident/injury reports, minutes from safety meetings and documents verifying corrective actions and safety enforcement are on site.
  • Have documents verifying employees have received the proper safety training for their job assignment. This may include but is not limited to fall protection, respiratory protection, confined space, powered equipment/lifts, crane safety, first aid/CPR, fire and hazardous materials training.
  • Safe operating procedures are available for all major equipment on site.

Quality Control Documents/Procedures

  • A copy of the most recent internal audit.
  • A copy of the company's project-specific quality control (QC) procedures and/or QC plan is on site showing verification of inspection hold points. This plan describes the minimum QC activities that will be performed by the company's QC personnel independent of the client's inspector performing QA.
  • Have product data and MSD sheets for all abrasives, cleaners, paints, thinners and other chemicals used on-site.
  • Have inspection reports on site, which include: actual measurements and readings in accordance with the company's project-specific quality control plan.
  • Inspection reports or other documents are on site that includes instrument calibration readings and a record * verifying annual (periodic) calibration.
  • Have proof of craft training for workers and proof of formal QC training for QC inspectors on site.
  • Operating procedures and maintenance records* are available for equipment on site.
Bjarnason: St. Lawrence Seaway - Ship
Single Detail Page Misc
  • Wind River Studios
  • One of a kind original art by: Bjarnason,Tom
  • Pastels on Hot Press Illustration Board
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  • Artwork Created: 1984

How to Clean Car Interior - Tips & Tricks  — European Car Magazine
In fact, many interiors could be considered a biohazard and, while shoving your hand down the back of your seats might present a health risk, isn't it time you gave yours a clean? .. You will also have glass, plastic, metal, paint and carpet. ..

'Mad Men' reflected in mod design of Brighton home  — Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
In a sprawling ranch-style house, sculpted dolphins spray water in the midst of a circular driveway, and an indoor pool glimmers under vaulted cedar ceilings.

McNeely: St. Lawrence Seaway/Great Lakes
Single Detail Page Misc
  • Wind River Studios
  • One of a kind original art by: McNeely,Tom
  • Water Color on Water Color Paper
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  • Artwork Created: 1984

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Check out more than 200 food vendors, merch booths, crafts, arts, games, music and other entertainment as well as a number of activities, including a spray paint art battle on Saturday and cooking demos on Sunday.

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Amy Timbrell, founder and director of Everything Begins, an online art gallery and design boutique, says that with rose gold having been front and centre of the fashion world for several seasons, it is no surprise that this trend has arrived in ..

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