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Services, costs and hiring best practices - proven tips for getting great Painting Service

When hiring and working with a Painting Contractor, every homeowner needs to know: What services does a Painting Contractor commonly provide? What is the best way to find good prospects? What should I look for when I interview the Painting Contractor? And most importantly, how do I make sure that the Painting Service is done right?

Use the following information to understand your options, make good decisions and get quality work at a fair price.

Painting Contractor - FAQ

How do I avoid the scams and get good Painting Service at a fair price? First, decide on ALL product / service options. Compile a list of work and quality requirements (see the next section). Have at least 2 qualified pros complete detailed bids on the work. Use a written contract that ties payment to verifyable results. Download the Painting Contractor Hiring Guide for step-by-step details.
What should I expect to pay for Painting Service? Most Painting Service work is quoted at a fixed price, for specific service(s) or deliverables. The underlying hourly rate for a Painting Contractor ranges from $48 to $71. Usually, a minimum fee will be charged, which represents 1.5 - 2 hours of effort. In some cases, the quoted job price may be negotiable, particularly if other work is performed by the Painting Contractor.
Do I need to use a licensed Painting Contractor for my job? If so - how do I verify license status? A professional Painting Contractor must be licensed to provide most Painting Services. To check a Painting Contractor's license status, search the telephone directory or online for your state's professional license board or department. Contact the licensing authority to verify license standing and history for the business and individual.
Should I use an insured Painting Contractor for my project? Your Painting Contractor should carry adequate liability insurance for work related damages. Your Painting Contractor should also have workman's compensation insurance for job related injury or health risks.
Does my Painting Contractor need to be bonded? A bond will protect the homeowner if the terms of the contract are not met by the Painting Contractor. A bond is recommended for any work over $500. Make sure that your Painting Contractor's bond is valid and that the bond limit will cover the cost of completing or re-doing the work, before any work begins.

Painting Contractor - Services

A Painting Contractor can handle a number of jobs, activities and problems. The list below summarizes common Painting Services. Follow the appropriate links below to learn more about cost, options and quality requirements:

Painting Contractor - Finding and Hiring

Not every Painting Contractor has the same ability. Experience, skills, and sense of acceptable quality vary considerable. To get the results that you expect, it is essential that you put appropriate effort behind finding a Painting Contractor matched to the specific requirements of your job - not simply someone that puts you at ease or wins your confidence. Before starting, make sure that you completely understand the work you want the Painting Contractor to perform and the job quality you expect. Then, begin the selection process outlined below:

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What is the Going Rate for Overhead and Why I Ask This Question About Painting Contractors

this will depend on where you live, the size of your home, two story vs. one story....all of these will affect the cost.
I recommend that you contact several contractors and get estimates. and ...make sure you get you final contract price in writing with a guarantee.
good luck

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