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Popular Q&A

Whats a good ca to buy. i want a new car. black paint, black rims, black interior.?

idcif its a car or a suv.i want black everything. i want something that can handle some nice subs to. i was thinking a mini cooper be tight. or some jeeps. whats youropinion?

i say u go to, and ebay motors and look for a nissan 350z or a bmw 3series both r in the same price range and both can be tuned to the way u want
good luck

Is it legal to paint the interior of my apartment in Los Angeles, CA?

I want to paint the inside of my apartment but I want to make sure i have something saying that it is legal. I know once I move out I'll back to paint it BACK to the way it was...i'm ok with that, i just really want to bring some color in my life RIGHT NOW :-)
Does anyone know any sites that touch on this specific subject?

The only site you have to touch on is your general manager of your apartment. Apartment complexes do not allow anyone to paint regardless of what state your live in. If you live in a house apartment there may be other rules. If you want color in your life, choose great artwork, rugs, furniture and accessories. Color is not always about walls and really in most instances not about walls at all.

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