Interior paint colors samples

1. The Test Drive. The important first step in choosing a paint color is getting it out of the store's paint aisle. Choose a handful of hues, or borrow the entire fan deck of colors, and bring the chips home. Look at them in the room you want to paint at all times of day, from bright morning light to golden afternoon light to lamp-lit darkness. Hold them against upholstery fabrics, artwork, lampshades, and curtains. Narrow your choices to two or three colors. Chips that show coordinating colors are especially helpful. They suggest what shade of blue would look good with your walnut dining table and ecru curtains.

2. Small Splashes. Back in the paint aisle, ask for sample amounts of your favorite colors. Most companies offer small-size containers, which might cost a few dollars. If you're considering several paint colors, this can add up, but it's a worthy investment. Nothing will help you choose a color better than seeing the hue applied to the wall. Take the samples home and brush them on the walls of your room. Paint broad sections of the wall at eye level. The larger the section the better to evaluate the color, so don't be shy. You'll be able to paint over these test plots, even if the hues are dark shades and you need a primer. Once the test sections are dry, hang artwork over them, push furniture in front of them, and stand back in the room to see how they look. Live with these splashes on the wall for a little while to see how they look on different days. A buttery yellow might prove to be brighter than you want on sunny days, or a sage green might turn drab and disappointing on overcast days. How the colors look at night in the glow of your lamps is also something to test.

3. Good Advice. Once you've settled on the winning hue, consult the experts at the paint store about what sheen to choose. Based on what wall surface you have - from drywall to plaster to paneling - and whether the walls will need to be protected from moisture (in a bathroom or kitchen) or fingerprints (along a hallway or stairwell), they'll suggest the best sheen to achieve the color you want. For example, flat sheen paint gives you color closest to the original cardboard paint chip, whereas semigloss paint will have a moderate reflective quality that will dampen the vibrancy of the color slightly.

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  • Can be re lifted, repositioned and stretched before going over with a squeegee.
  • Will not harm painted surfaces. Can be easily repositioned during installation and does not leave adhesive residue behind
  • This Vinyl can be installed using 3M 94 Primer and 3M Edge sealer, these are recommended by 3M vinyl wrap training class, these products will promote adhesion and...
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