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Interior old world painting techniques

“Old World Black paint color from Ben. Moore”

“Dark painted trim with sage walls”

“The imposing dark color, an old-world black from Benjamin Moore, brings”

“color, an old-world black from Benjamin Moore, brings such lovely gravitas to this otherwise informal room, and is a flawless complement to the sage walls.”

“Black trim Benjamin Moore old world black”

“in Benjamin Moore old world black”

“old-world black paint from Benjamin rush”

“Sunroom Pain trim Ben Moore old world black”

“Like the paint contrast here light with the jade color”

“Benjamin moore old world black paint.”

“the sunlit porch, while custom painted transoms enhance the rustic feel. Hickman applied Benjamin Moore's MoorWood Black 2131-10 with a coat of Garden Oasis 699 on top.Lamp, bench: antique; furniture, pillows, rug: Pottery Barn

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Can i use TEXTURED PAINT on interior of home?

i want to paint interior of my home but, the walls are just smooth with no texture on them. i heard if you use textured paint it gives you nice stuccoed look (is this true?). is there interior textured paint? and is it hard to paint with textured paint? how much more expensive is it?

The first three answers ahead of this one are correct. However, let me give you some things to think about. Are you going to re-sell this home at some point in time? If you are, the textured walls will not be a re-selling point. Some people just don't like this sort of thing. Did you ever think of Faux painting the wall? You paint the wall a light color and then let it dry. Then you dip a sponge in a darker color and sponge (or you can use a crumpled up plastic bag) and sponge this color on the wall. It gives a similar effect without the heavy texture, and it can always be painted over …

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