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Painting ceramic tile is less expensive than replacing it.

As design trends come and go, finishes on walls and other building materials such as brick, wood, cement and ceramic tile often become outdated. An updated look may also be a matter of personal choice, such as when you move into a new home and decide you don’t like the color scheme of a particular room. Replacing the ceramic tile in a bathroom is a costly renovation project that is often out of budget for homeowners. A less expensive alternative is to paint the tile. Decorative effects can be applied by using textured paint or by using faux painting techniques that simulate texture. However, the glossy surface of glazed ceramic tile poses certain challenges for paint adhesion. In addition, the extra moisture and humidity that exists in a bathroom environment must be considered. The key to painting bathroom tiles successfully depends on proper preparation of the surface and knowing what type of paint will work the best.

Preparing the Surface

Poor surface preparation can cause problems with even the highest quality of paint. Oils, grease, dirt, wax, dust, mold and mildew can interfere with the adhesion process, so it is important that all of these substances are completely removed from the surface. Use a quality, mildly abrasive bathroom tile cleaner and a lot of vigorous scrubbing to clean both the tile and grout. Allow the grout to dry completely for at least 48 hours. After that, paint the tile with an epoxy or urethane bonding primer. This will help the paint adhere better to the tile. Allow the primer to dry thoroughly according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Paint Types to Use on Ceramic Tile

Painting ceramic tile is less expensive than replacing it.

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