Different interior painting techniques

Natural woods alongside whitewashed walls create a country ambiance.Natural woods alongside whitewashed walls create a country ambiance.

Country interior designs typically celebrate the rustic nature of a home. Give walls a finish that complements this theme by employing various painting techniques to enhance your home's historical charm, while at the same time creating a fresh, clean look. Earth tones and natural colors are typical features of country designs; the more vibrant paint hues are best as modern options. Enhance natural wood walls with color washes and antiquing techniques that maintain the original color while adding hints of previous eras.

Stone Faux Finish

Give a plain wood wall old-world charm by using paints to create a stone faux finish that simulates granite or limestone. Choose a block of stone as a model, paint the wall a solid base color that matches the stone's basic shade, and allow to dry and then apply a second coat. Combine one part latex paint to two parts latex gloss in a color that matches the texture shade of the stone. Apply to the dried base coats with a crumpled piece of paper or twisted rag and let dry thoroughly. Sketch rough block shapes onto the wall and with a small detail brush paint over them with thin lines of a color that resembles mortar.

Sponge Painting

Instead of paint brushes, use sponges to give plain walls a rustic look that complements country-style decor. Techniques for sponge painting vary depending on the desired effect and can range from using sponges of differing shapes and colors for creating interlocking patterns, or just applying a single color in a uniform manner. Paint the wall with a base coat and allow it to dry thoroughly, then pour the sponge paint-preferably a high gloss-into a roller pan. Let the sponge rest on top of the paint so the face is saturated, then lightly wipe off the excess using the top of the roller pan. Pat the paint onto the wall with the sponge, being careful not to press too hard to avoid drips. If two colors are used to create depth, let one color dry before applying the second to prevent bleed-through and smearing.

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What are different types of painting techniques?

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