Classic interior paint colors

crazy-paint-chip-ladyCall me authentic or call me lazy, but when looking for a paint color for an historic house, I look first to — historic paint colors. I noticed a variety of one-off stories, but no big list, so I did the research and found 20 historic paint collections available today. The list is dominated by way-back-time-machine colonial, Victorian and arts & crafts paint colors authenticated by museum-trained conservators … but for we 20th century midcentury design enthusiasts, there is a growing list of historically authenticated colors, too. Do you need “just the right midcentury off-white” to show off your art, for example? You can get a recommendation straight from Mr. Frank Lloyd Wright, as just one example.historic paint colors guggenheim collection Click on through for the list of 20 historic paint color collections on the market today –>

Historic paint colors for 20th century midcentury homes

1. First up, was introduced in 2011. This collection has two palettes. “Classical Colors” are color-colors derived from works of art at the Guggenheim. The “Gallery Collection” is full of neutrals, including whites and off-whites, taken from colors put onto the walls to display art: “50 hues favored by generations of Guggenheim Museum curators, artists, and designers—including Frank Lloyd Wright himself.” The Gallery collection, in particular, sounds pretty cool. Lots of people want to display art… artfully. So why not take the lead from professionals who must agonize and OCD over shades and hues and saturation like we can’t even imagine.

2. The Sherwin-Williams Suburban Modern Collection — with — is a longtime favorite here at Retro Renovation. If you’re looking for classic 1950s pastels like aquamarine and flamingo pink and even pearl gray — go here, these are great colors. This Sherwin-Williams palette also had a wonderful avocado, harvest gold, beige and pinky beige. This company gets major props from me for being first on the midcentury bandwagon. Goodness, they were a lifesaver for me when I started my house 10 years ago.

3. California Paints in 2010 introduced a huge collection ofresearched in partnership with the nonprofit Historic New England.

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