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Hiring a professional painter in the Jacksonville, Florida area requires more than simply entering ‘house painters Jacksonville FL’ into a search engine. Indeed, professional house painters are not all alike, and for what professional painters cost you should look long and hard at all your options out there.

Though you think you can probably do the job perfectly yourself, it’s a good idea to get estimates from professional house painters before settling on the best professional painter Jacksonville has to offer. This allows you a financial point of comparison, while benefitting from a professional painter’s expertise when it comes to opinions on the condition of your home, color choices and the types of available paints. It’s a good idea to let the painter make his pitch for a professional job before you ultimately decide what to do; in general, here are some of the top advantages of hiring a professional painter:

  • Professional Painters Have the Right Equipment – Painting a house is not a “one ladder job;” a minimum of two extension ladders and scaffolding are required. While these can be rented, it would involve yet another cost to factor in when comparing doing a job yourself versus hiring a professional painter.
  • Hiring a Professional Painter Eliminates Risk – Working on scaffolding is dangerous, but professionals are expected to have years of experience standing and balancing on such equipment as well as know what safety precautions to take. Painting can be monotonous work, and after a few hours up on a scaffold it can be easy to lose track of just how narrow that board is.
  • Professional Painters do the Preparation – All those little peeling spots? It takes quite the disciplined approach to properly scrape all of them away. If you are not prepared to do this correctly, there’s no sense in not hiring a professional painter. Indeed, there’s no point in putting in all that hard work if the paint is just going to begin peeling again a few years down the road.
  • Pros Consider Your Health…and the Health of Your Family – If your home or business was built prior to 1978, there is a good chance it may have been finished with lead-based paint, which can cause serious health issues when it’s scraped or sanded in preparation for repainting. A professional painting contractor will take appropriate steps to protect you and your loved ones, providing EPA-produced pamphlets to residential customers before they begin a job that involves disturbing lead-based paint in or on a residence.
  • – The paint choices of today are more complicated than just deciding between oil or latex; professional painters know what works, how to use it and will boast the right tools for the job. Many professional painting contractors utilize and partner with professional paint, coatings and wallcovering suppliers.
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