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Painting your House White

First impressions are everything when selling your home. A buyer may ask questions about house maintenance, the condition of your appliances or the quality of your neighborhood and schools, but these factors pale in comparison to the feeling a buyer gets the first time he or she steps into your home. If you want to sell your house in a short amount of time and with minimum hassle, it's critical that the decor is up-to-date and attractive.

You can think of your home's color palette as an important backdrop; it sets the stage for the furnishings and decorations that give rooms their unique feel. Picking the right paint is a topic that causes frustration for many. Paint is relatively simple to apply or change, but the wrong color inside or out can turn a buyer off from the entire house. To prevent this, many real estate professionals recommend painting your home in neutral colors.

If you're still living in the home you're selling, though, does that mean you're stuck inside a bland, beige nightmare? Not necessarily. Remember, the term "neutral colors" doesn't limit you to shades of white and beige. With a little pre-planning and a sense for the effect color has on the human mind, you can use browns, greens and even bolder colors to highlight your home.

And don't forget about the exterior of your home: Painting the exterior can also help attract potential buyers, but be careful. While no one would think twice about painting a house in Florida peach or turquoise, chances are these colors would turn off potential buyers in a suburban Boston neighborhood.

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Popular Q&A

Are you going to paint the roof of your house white to stop global warming?

What is interesting is that there are a ton of Home Owner Associations that will not allow this to happen. There are even some HOA's that prohibit solar panels.
As for how effective the white roof solution may be, I do not know. You would probably get better results by allowing some vine to cover every square inch of the roof. Won't be good for the roof in the long run but that vine would definitely absorb a lot of heat.

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