Ladders for House painting

Ladder and Scaffold optionsThis story shows you how to safely use ladders and scaffolding to paint areas that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to reach.

Non-self-supporting ladders (must lean on something)
A straight ladder, a single section, is indispensable for general use. Though not longer than 30 feet, it's the most common of portable ladders and combines practical height with easy maneuverability.

Extension ladders, essentially two straight ladders fitted with guides that allow one section to extend beyond the other, offer the greatest length in a general-purpose ladder. Wood ladders can't have more than two sections and must not exceed 60 feet. Metal and fiberglass ladders can have as many as three sections but must not exceed 72 feet.Stepladders Individual sections of any extension ladder must not be longer than 30 feet.

Self-supporting ladders
A standard stepladder has flat steps and a hinged back. It is self-supporting and its height nonadjustable. Standard stepladders can't be longer than 20 feet and should be used only on surfaces that offer firm, level footing, such as floors, platforms, and slabs.

A two-way stepladder features a set of steps on each side. With them, one person can work from either side or two people can work from the ladder at the same time.

A platform ladder is made with a large stable platform from which you can work at the highest standing level, which can't exceed 20 feet.

Scaffolds are assembled platforms, with or without wheels, that allow one or more painters to work at increased heights - comfortably, safely, and efficiently. Scaffold height can be increased by fitting additional sections to the frame. Scaffolds offer a primary feature not available in ladders - their working area is both wider and deeper, allowing for greater coverage before a move is required.

Safety First: Using a ladder safely
Extension ladders Ladder label Ladders Lift ladder end
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Werner Werner MT-22 300-Pound Duty Rating Telescoping Multi-Ladder, 22-Foot
Home Improvement (Werner)
  • 22-foot telescoping multiladder with 300-pound duty rating
  • 28 different working heights or positions by converting into a 2-person stepladder, extension ladder, or scaffold
  • Soft-touch push knobs are the key to this versatile ladder, enabling you to get the job done easier
  • Professional-grade ladder with double-riveted steps and heavy-duty non-marring feet for slip resistance
  • Reach your project safely thanks to the ladder s extra-wide flared bottom for sturdy support

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Dorel Industries Cosco Signature 2-Step Stool
Home (Dorel Industries)
  • Essential for height assistance
  • Lightweight and easy to carry for multiple jobs
  • Non-marring leg tips keep floors clean
  • Secure extra large slip resistant step
  • Stable continuous rear leg support
Racor Racor LDL-1B Ladder Lift
Home Improvement (Racor)
  • Makes an 80lb ladder feel like only 10 lbs 8:1 mechanical advantage
  • Direct mount, screws into ceiling joists
  • Safety lock prevents accidental release
  • Steel construction, heavy duty 150lbs weight capacity
  • Ladder not included
Health and Beauty (UNGER INDUSTRIAL)
  • 30Ft extends.
  • Four 6 Sections.
  • Tele-Plus is a flexible modular system.
  • The poles made of drawn anodized aluminum.
Pearl Mousepad Home F Mouse Pad, Mousepad (Houses Mouse Pad)
Office Product (Pearl Mousepad)
  • Non-Skid natural rubber back
  • Cloth surface for high performance
  • Optical-friendly mouse pad for improved tracking
  • Vibrant permanent colors that will not fade
  • Dimensions (in inches): 10.2 x 8.3 x 0.2

Popular Q&A

What type of ladder do I need to rent to paint my house.?

I have some high areas, perhaps 25 ft high. I know that telescoping ladders work, but I also need to carry paint up there and a roller or brush so I want to be safe.

25' is pretty high. but an extension ladder would do. make yourself a hook with heavy wire like a clothes hanger and make sure it will hold a bucket of pain, make a hook on each end. put the brush in your hip pocket then carry the paint and hook to where you want to start painting then put the top hook on the ladder rung then put the paint handle on the bottom hook. make positive that the hook is strong enough. be careful and good luck

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