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House painting businesses are among the cheapest and easiest to start: you can operate from home and the initial startup costs can be less than $2, 000. The catch is that because it's a relatively easy business to start, you will have heavy competition. Before you start painting, it's important to create a business plan, determine your company''s specialization and create a company image that sets you apart from the competition and attracts your target market.

Step 1

Draw up a business plan. Create a document that describes the focus of your business. Decide whether you will do interior painting, exterior painting or a combination. Outline the services you will provide and include areas of specialization, such as color consultation, stenciling or murals. Determine the target market for your business, whether it is apartment building owners, owners of historic homes or homeowners in typical, middle-class neighborhoods. Research other local house painting companies to see how well they are meeting your target market’s needs. Make a list of ways that you can distinguish yourself from competitors through lower prices, faster or specialized services or design expertise. Include a section in your business plan that describes your marketing plans, pricing and supplies.

Step 2

Name your house painting business. Brainstorm a list of names with the help of friends, family members and business partners. Choose a name that stands out and communicates your business’s unique focus and image. For example, if you specialize in painting historic homes, incorporate this idea into your business name.

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Step 3

Register your house painting business. Visit your local city clerk or courthouse to secure the necessary paperwork. Check the zoning requirements for your area if you will run your business from home.

Step 4

Collect equipment and supplies. Gather ladders, paint trays, drop cloths and most importantly a variety of rollers and brushes. Purchase these items in bulk through an online wholesaler to save money. Visit your local hardware store and invest in a sprayer, face mask and scaffolding. Ask them to order these items for you if they do not have them on hand. Find a vehicle big enough to carry necessary equipment to job sites. Decide whether clients will buy their own paint or if you will buy it for them. Purchase basic paint colors that you will use frequently.

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