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Recently purchased a home and I desperately needed to hire someone to paint my stairwell and the landings. I interviewed several well reviewed vendors and was about to hire one when a friend of mine recommended I give Peak Pro Painting a shot. I called the phone number for the business and I spoke with one of the owners, Justin, and was very impressed with his knowledge and the way that he spoke about how Peak Pro worked. It was very obvious from the initial conversation that Justin is passionate about painting. Although Peak Pro uses teams of painters and Justin spends his time managing those teams, he clearly knows every inch of his business from the methods he teaches his teams to employ to the different kinds of paint available for the different kinds of surfaces and environments.

The one issue was scheduling, which honestly was a reflection of how busy they are more than anything else. I was in a bit of a hurry to have my stairwell finished in advance of an event. In all honesty the painting was finished well ahead of time, but; at the time I was trying to schedule the painting, having to wait was frustrating. Sincerely, that is more of a personal issue than anything having to do with Peak Pro. If nothing else, it goes that anyone looking to hire them should call well in advance of any deadline.

From my perspective as a home-owner, my project was daunting. From the perspective of Peak Pro my project was a breeze. They arrived before 8:00 AM and were done before 1:00 PM. They spent the majority of the time masking and essentially building a box of plastic, tape, and heavy duty construction paper to cover the carpet. I have never seen anything like this, except on an episode of Dexter. Unlike in Dexter, the results of this engineered spill proof room were spectacular. There was not a drop of paint anywhere except where it was exactly supposed to be. I had two different colors, one for the stairs and one for the landing. Peak Pro's staff created a seamless finished product between the two colors that was incredible. The lines at the ceiling were shockingly straight. There was not a single part of the walls that looked anything other than done by professionals.

In the midst of the job Justin did stop by to check on the work. My friend told me he did the same thing on his job. It shows that Justin is a dedicate business owner who really wants to deliver for his customers.

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