Harcourt House. Edmonton

Harcourt House painting Edmonton

Harcourt House Artist Run Centre is the single largest community of visual artists in Edmonton. It offers over 30 low-rent studios for local practicing artists and other non-profit arts related organizations.


Harcourt House Arts Centre Studios exist for the ongoing, active development and creation of visual art. Applying for a studio space at Harcourt House Arts centre is a pre-approval system only. Approved applicants will be placed on the waiting list for the next available studio space.

Individuals interested in securing a studio space in Harcourt House Arts Centre must provide the following information:

  • A completed application form.
  • A CV or resume detailing your education, body of work, exhibitions and work history. Artist references are not necessary, but will be considered an asset.
  • A written statement (no more than 2 pages) of your intended use of space, detailing the scope of your current and planned projects.

Any person having not pursued an artistic career long enough to have built a CV may submit images of existing work along with 3 references from recognized Visual Arts Professionals. (These may include Artists, Visual Arts Professors, Curators, Gallery Owners, etc.)

If the applicant intends to share the studio space, each person intending to work in the spaces must complete an application.

If an existing tenant wishes to bring in a studio-mate to share his/her space the proposed new person must fill out a full application and be approved prior to assuming a shared space.

At present, Harcourt House Arts Centre requires a minimum lease of one year that shall run a calendar year.

No person may take up residence, temporary or otherwise, in any space leased at Harcourt House Arts Centre. Any person so doing will be evicted upon the approval of the Board of Directors.

Harcourt House Arts Centre gives priority to Artists working in visual disciplines (painting, sculpture, print media, mixed media, etc.).

Harcourt House Arts Centre will give priority to artists who can demonstrate an ongoing dedicated production of artwork and pursuit of an artistic career.

Harcourt House Arts Centre may request an interview with all applicants before approving any application.

Harcourt House Arts Centre may request to see images of or examples of previous artistic work before approving any application.

Harcourt House Arts Centre will assess all applications by a jury process that will include the Executive Director (or delegate), one member of the Board of Directors and one existing Tenant.

Unsuccessful applicants may appeal (in writing only) to the Board of Directors of Harcourt House Arts Centre. The decision of the Board of Directors on an appeal is final.

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