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Sikkens exterior paint

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No contest here, just the ability to read the OP's question. He asked about a specific product. Not which brand is better than another. Retired, im starting to think that you are just generally slow. Why if someone asks about Sikkens would someone reply, "Olympic makes great stain". He's asking about Sikkens, the responses should coincide with that.

I agree. Us old guys are slow. What I was thinking was how would a paint clerk answer, if the question was about using something like Behr on those exterior soffits and eaves and maybe even interior soffits and eaves.

Another thing us old slow guys would probably not think of if we were shlepping paint instead of applying paint would be to figure out that our store was not even in the same time and weather zones and tell the painter dude more about the waterboune Sikkens product so as to save the earth and the little children from the horrors of VOC's and the dreaded neck cramps from sloshing paint on soffits. Those neck braces are so, not stylish.

Now, had you done some raw eaves or soffits here in the PCW and stated so, the overall agreement about the Sikkens product would have more weight attached. Being slow, us old guys could be thinking that the customer might be influenced by the ads and hype rather than solid information.

Sikkens Sikkens Cetol 1 Translucent Exterior Stain 1 Gallon Mahogany
Home Improvement (Sikkens)
  • Type: Translucent
  • Sheen: Satin
  • Premium translucent exterior wood basecoat to be used with Cetol 23
  • Usage: Siding, Trim, Entrance Doors, Garage Doors, Windows, Log Homes.
  • Technology: Alkyd oil

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Who told you you aren't "supposed" to. Makes no difference where you use it. You shouldn't use INTERIOR outside, or it'll fail, but EXTERIOR can go anywhere!

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