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NOTE ABOUT MILDEW: Although we purify our linseed oil to the best possible level to prevent mildew, it is still possible to develop mildew or dirt on linseed oil paint. Mildew flourish with time, temperature nutrients, moisture. Removing one component will make it much harder for dirt and mildew to flourish. Never clean with chlorine or TSP as this will promote mildew tremendously over time. TSP is a fertilizer but used in cleaning. We do not use any dangerous chemicals to prevent growth. This is a safe product to work with and safe for the environment. Mildew spores can be present in the wood. Spores will migrate right through the linseed oil paint and will breath out over time. Spores can feed of organic material from the air. Much of the dirt on painted surface today come from industry and vehicles. There is more carbon suspended in the air now compared to any time in history. Linseed oil paint will dry to a relatively soft surface that can easily move with the wood during seasonal changes over time and will not crack, peel or cause wood to decay. Always add 10-20% of the zinc white to any exterior surface. Apply thin coats. Clean with the linseed oil soap. Preventing mildew by applying the linseed oil soap EXTRA solution on clean wood and on top of the linseed oil paint can prevent buildup.

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Opening your Can of Organic Linseed Paint: 3 Liter Linseed Paint cans are a little different from your traditional American-style paint can. Opening the 3 Liter paint can is easy. Watch this video to learn how. Visit our video library to see more tips and techniques!

Linseed Oil Paint with An Ancient History: Long-lasting, solvent-free Linseed oil paint has been used in Scandinavia since the 18th century. Penetrates and protects wood like no other modern paint does. Semi-gloss finish. We recommend rejuvenating Linseed Oil Painted surfaces with a coat of organic boiled linseed oil after 5-10 years.

FOR WET AND HUMID AREAS: Mix 10-20% zinc white into the linseed oil paint. Note: Our Linseed Oil Paint is mildew-free.

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Valspar Valspar 18-5221-70 GAL BPS Exterior Latex Barn & Fence Ranch Paint, 1 Gallon, White
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  • A premium quality latex paint fortified with linseed oil for good penetration and adhesion to new o
  • It resists fading and dries to a nontoxic film that is safe for use around livestock
  • May be used as its own primer in a 2 coat application
  • Recommended for wood, concrete block, and metal trim

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Winsor & Newton Winsor & Newton Artists Oilbar Terra Rosa 50ml
Art and Craft Supply (Winsor & Newton)
  • A traditional oil in stick form providing a direct and versatile way of painting & drawing
  • Series: 1/Color Code: 635/Color Index: PR101
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Detail Doctor Detail Doctor As Seen On TV
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  • Lasts for Months
  • 8 Fluid Ounce Bottle
  • Restores Color and Shine
  • Great for Interior and Exterior
VALSPAR CORPORATION Valspar 18-5225-10 5 Ga Bps Exterior Latex Home & Ranch Paint, Red, 5 Gallon
  • Red color.
  • 5 Gal.
  • Linseed oil fortified.
  • Fade and mildew resistant.
Firenzecolor Firenzecolor Authentic Italian Lime Whitewash Paint Era a Pennello Gallon 5kg
Single Detail Page Misc (Firenzecolor)
  • Closely follows historical lime paint recipes
  • Contains hydrated lime, coloring oxides and earths, linseed oil and rheologic modifiers, which improve workability
  • Sold untinted; You can mix the color of your choice with universal colorants
  • Sold by weight 5kg

Popular Q&A

Why is linseed oil added to paint as a drying oil.

Linseed paint preserved the wood extremely well and did not cause any of the paint peeling or flaking problems we experience today

Why do artists mix linseed oil into their paints?

It is used to thin oil paints. This will change the way it moves across the canvas and it's texture.

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