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Dear Mr. Acorn:

I am the owner of a 72 year old Cape Cod home. Over the 29 years I have been in this home, I have had the trim painted several times. The job done by Student Painters brought the best results for a competitive price. I am very pleased. My neighbor commented that the house looks new. This is just one of the many compliments I have received.

In addition to the positive result of my newly painted house, I was impressed with the students working on the home. Each of them was friendly, hard working, and detail oriented. It was not unusual for them to put in nine or more hours on the house in a day. I was most impressed with David Knollman, and highly recommend him. His initial presentation was professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and respectful. David managed the painters well, and made a point of keeping me informed of the progress and plans. My satisfaction was obviously important to David.

I have recommended Student Painters and will continue to do so.

Roseanne Humbert
Cincinnati, OH

To Whom It May Concern:

Please allow me to commend Patrick Kurtz on his exceptional skills as manager for the team of Student Painters who painted our house in July of this year. First of all, we were impressed with the skill of the painters themselves and their work ethic at sticking with the project for long hours over the two-day period of painting. They were all efficient with their time and cleaned up their equipment at the end of each day.

Patrick was professional and personable from beginning to end and I would be happy to recommend him to anyone for a job or internship or whatever he was pursuing. He was knowledgeable of his trade and understood the business end of it and explained exactly what we could expect. He answered questions efficiently and phoned to let us know if the team would not be there due to weather issues. He was quiet and in charge in assigning the painters their areas and checked on their work and quickly remedied the very few things we wanted changed. He was accurate in estimating the amount of paint needed and his cost estimate. The team was here early and stayed late to get the work done. They were all focused and we were impressed. I told Pat that my husband and I would recommend him to any employer and that is high praise from someone who is a manager himself.

All in all, we would use Student Painters again and would recommend them to others. Friends recommended them to us and we found the price for the work more than fair. We are pleased with the way our house looks and appreciate your pursuit of excellence in those you hire and the work you do.

Elizabeth Renken
Toledo, OH

Student Painters:

We are returning your request regarding a letter of recommendation for our Student Painter experience. We had...

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The population in July 2007 for Olde West Chester Ohio was 248. Thanks for asking

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West Chester is about 25 miles north of Cincinnati.

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West Chester is located near the Indiana border in the southwest corner of Ohio, about 16 miles north of Cincinnati. on!

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