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Exterior Painting Scottsdale

Exterior and interior house painting in Scottsdale.

If you are looking for reliable house painters in Scottsdale, AZ give us a call for a free estimate.

When searching for professional painters in Scottsdale consider receiving an estimate from us. There are a few reasons why you may be interested in an estimate from ABN Painting:

1. We do not charge anything to come out, look at the painting project, and give you a written quote on what would it cost to re-paint your home.
2. 100% acrylic paints from Dunn Edwards store are used on exteriors to ensure long lasting results.
3. Combination of different sheens are used on interiors, to assure washability in high traffic areas, and moisture resistance where needed.
4. Thorough preparation work for both interior and exterior painting. We cover all the objects with plastic and paper before we apply primer or paint.
5. All the repairs are done prior to painting. Every painting bid includes scraping loose paint by hand, fixing cracks and holes and spot priming repaired areas.
6. Scottsdale painting contractors tend to have higher prices, comparing to other municipalities in the Phoenix metropolitan area. We offer very affordable painting prices for the Scottsdale homeowners.
7. Our painting company is licensed and bonded, and offers 2 year warranty with every painting project for your piece of mind.
8. Specializing in exterior and exterior painting. We provide other painting related services, however 95% of our business are re-paints of exteriors and interiors. Painting is what we do best.

A tip for exterior house painting.

Prior to signing a painting contract with Scottsdale painters, it is best to get your colors approved by the HOA.

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Popular Q&A

Where is the cheapest place you can get a car painted in kansas city?

I want to get my car painted for cheap but still get a good job, anyone know where i could go in kansas?

The cheapest place to get a car painted in Kansas City is Kansas City itself, as there are no extra travelling expences to be considered.

Where can you get glow in the dark paint in Kansas City Missouri?

You can check with Crump's Floor Covering & Paint 6320 Raytown Rd. Kansas City, MO 64133 Local: 816-353-2832. always.

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