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10 Point Painting is the company for your exterior Portland house painting project. We pay close attention to new innovative products and apply all our coatings and caulking according to the manufacturer’s label to ensure that you get all product warranties and the best looking paint job possible. 10 Point Painting is known for impeccable order and we take our time with all our customers to ensure their project is completely stress free.

10 Point Painting has the strictest safety policies and has the least amount of waste in the painting industry. We are Completely insured and bonded to cover ALL your assets from any possible safety misfortunes that can happen while any contractor is working on your house. 10 Point Painting carries a higher than average insurance policy to protect your assets and make you rest assured that your contractor is complete covered and so are our employees.

10 Point Painting is also a Certified lead firm and will take every step required by law on every house we paint dated pre 1978 to ensure the health of your loved ones and the health of our employees and their families are not jeopardized while working on a project that contains lead base paint.

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Portland Compressor Graco 255108 SG20 Airless Spray Gun
Home Improvement (Portland Compressor)
  • Delivers a superior finish
  • Lighter trigger pull than competitive models
  • In-handle paint filter requires no-tools to access
  • Interior and exterior use
  • Comes complete with a 515 Reverse-A-Clean RAC IV spray tip and hand-tight tip guard

Columbia MO Painters: Website Available Now for Painting Contractors  — DigitalJournal.com
The website can be expanded or modified easily to suit the needs of a local residential or commercial painting company.

Popular Q&A

Where is the cheapest place you can get a car painted in kansas city?

I want to get my car painted for cheap but still get a good job, anyone know where i could go in kansas?

The cheapest place to get a car painted in Kansas City is Kansas City itself, as there are no extra travelling expences to be considered.

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