Exterior Painting and weather conditions

Exterior Paint JobAn exterior paint project can be ruined by weather conditions, before, during, and after the work is done. The more you know, the better equipped you are to avoid making a regrettable and possibly very costly error. Take weather into consideration every step of the way.

If you are painting in cold temperatures, it’s best to use the paint especially made for cold-weather application. Problems with painting in cold temperatures could otherwise be that the paint doesn’t dry properly. The sun can also be a factor because direct sunlight can cause paint to dry too quickly, creating lap marks. Wind can also wreak havoc on your paint project either because it causes paint to dry too quickly or because it blows dirt onto the paint surface. If it rains and there is too much humidity when you are painting a home’s exterior, there can be a problem with proper drying.

Ideally, the conditions for an exterior paint project include low humidity, mild temperatures, and little to no wind. If you are concerned about the temperature when painting an exterior, be careful to check the recommendations regarding temperature ranges for the paint before you begin.

Your home’s exterior paint is going to be continually exposed to weather conditions for years. Some of the effects of weather follow:

  • Exterior paint can fade, lose its original glow, and become chalky if overly exposed to UV rays.
  • If there are extreme variations in temperature, especially repeatedly, the surface can expand and contract, causing the paint to crack.

Exterior House Paint PrepTo ensure that a quality paint job is achieved and will last, take preparation of the surface as seriously as paint application. Proper preparation of the surface involves:

  • A thorough cleaning of surfaces to remove mildew, mold, and dirt. This can be achieved with a pressure washer or a bleach solution.
  • Scrape as much old paint off as possible.
  • Repair splinters, cracks, and chips on the exterior surface.
  • Before applying primer, be careful to allow the surface to dry completely.
  • Apply the appropriate primer prior to painting the exterior.

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