Appearance for your wall

Exterior paint for vinyl siding

Give your customers a product—and a color palette—optimized for vinyl siding and trim.

Now you can offer customers with vinyl siding a colorful and economical way to enhance the curb appeal of their home.

In the past, customers who wanted to refresh the look of their vinyl siding were limited to paint colors lighter than their home's original hue. This is because dark colors absorb more heat from the sun, which can cause painted vinyl siding to expand and contract dramatically—leading to buckling, warping, and expensive repairs. The traditional solution was to advise customers to choose colors lighter than their home's original vinyl siding.

Formulated with Vinyl Lock technology for optimal performance on vinyl siding and trim, Regal Select REVIVE lets you offer customers a variety of colors that have been developed to withstand the stress of expansion and contraction. From the palest pastels to the deepest hues, Regal Select REVIVE delivers the color versatility and superior product performance you expect from Benjamin Moore premium paints.

KRUD KUTTER KRUD KUTTER ES32H Exterior Siding Cleaner, 32-Ounce
Home Improvement (KRUD KUTTER)
  • Water based, non-toxic, biodegradable, non-flammable and xylene-free
  • Safe for use at home and work
  • From the most trusted name in serious, non-solvent cleaning Krud Kutter
  • Super concentrated, ready to use formula

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The website can be expanded or modified easily to suit the needs of a local residential or commercial painting company.

Arlington Industries. Inc Arlington 8141DBL Siding Mounting Kits with Built-in Box, White, 1/2-, 1-Pack,
Home Improvement (Arlington Industries. Inc)
  • Siding Type: 1/2-Inch Lap Double
  • Mounts light fixtures onto all siding types, including T-
  • Textured, paintable surface
  • Built-in electrical box design ensures UL listed installation
  • Includes NM Cable connector and 4 screws
Wet and Forget Wet and Forget 10587 1 Gallon Moss, Mold and Mildew Stain Remover
Home Improvement (Wet and Forget)
  • Non-caustic, Non-acidic, Contains no bleach
  • Safe on any outdoor surface
  • One step process
  • No scrubbing or rinsing required
  • Safe around plants
OneSource Organics, Inc. Shutter RenuTM - 12-18 Shutter Restoration Kit
Home Improvement (OneSource Organics, Inc.)
  • As low as $3.50 per shutter. Results last 10 years guaranteed.
  • Don t be fooled by cheaper versions. Clean and protect your faded vinyl shutters for up to 10 years!
  • Aerospace and marine grade UV and Mold/Mildew barrier technology.
  • Super easy clean and apply process.
  • Reuse. Restore. Renu!
FLOOD COMPANY GAL Luster Revitalizer
  • Covers 700 sq.ft. per gallon
  • Soap & water cleanup
  • Will not alter original color
  • Saves half the time of repainting vinyl

Popular Q&A

How to Paint Vinyl Siding.

Use soap and water to hand scrub the old siding and make sure to thoroughly rinse it clean. Do not power wash vinyl siding as water can get behind the vinyl siding. If mildewed surfaces, use oxygen bleach cleaner. Paint in the shade or when overcast, never in direct sunlight.

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