Painting exposed commercial ceiling

A variety of reasons prompt companies to paint their exposed structural ceilings and walls. The most common reason is the desire to brighten an area and create a clean look, thus achieving an enhanced work environment for employees, visiting customers and VIPs. Occasionally, customers must replace old, inefficient lighting with new energy-efficient units. In doing so, they can simultaneously reduce the number of lights required if they paint over a dark and dirty area with bright white—an additional energy-efficient move.

Quite often, such ceilings or walls have a paint peeling problem if the previous paint job failed for some reason. In such cases, paint chips might be falling into the customer's product. Naturally, this is a huge problem in food-processing facilities and it's vital that it is promptly fixed. It can also be problematic for packaging companies which produce the boxes or packaging materials in which food products are shipped. Manufacturing facilities will also have issues if paint chips fall into a piece of precision equipment like a piston sleeve, for instance—not good for the engine.

Lakeside Painting has often painted exposed structural ceilings with dark colors for aesthetics—dark brown for coffee houses is very popular. Green, tan and brown are used to give supermarket ceilings a warm, comfortable feeling. We've also painted many different storefront ceilings black, wherein our customers hang several bright pendulum lights to elicit an edgy, trendy look.

Some ceilings are painted simply to protect against corrosion, such as those located in a very moist environment, such as over an indoor swimming pool. Other ceilings are home to harsh chemical processes. In cleaning and plating facilities, for instance, acids and chemicals can prove very tough on steel ceilings, requiring maintenance and protection with epoxies and urethanes.

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Artists! Can you use oil paint on illustration board?

I do not have any acrylic gesso but I was wondering if I could still use oil on illustration board since I already have a layer of acrylic paint down.

Oil and acrylic don't really mix well. There have been cases of de-lamination between oil over acrylic. So if it's something you will end up caring about, better to not do this. However, if you aren't really concerned, I'd sand the acrylic and primer it with an all purpose primer, this will help with adhesion more.
Hope this helps.

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