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Triple Seven Quality Commercial Painting is not only dedicated to providing the best services to customers that choose us for their commercial or residential painting needs, but also to assisting those that still prefer to perform such painting services themselves. Although Triple Seven Quality Commercial Painting can provide professional services in less than half the time that it takes the individual to perform the job, the following are some tips that you can use to paint like a professional and get the best out of your commercial or residential property. Many of these tips are applicable whether your canvas is the interior or exterior of your property and most require only cheap additions to your painting arsenal.

Keeping Track of Paint Colors

Some paint colors are so close that it can be difficult to match your previously painted home or business with the paint at the store when you need to repair scratches or touch up the surface. If you keep track of the color in a notebook or on the paint can, there is still a danger that you will lose your note keeping device in the months that it can take before repainting is necessary. However, one of the ways that you can make sure that you keep track of the paint color and type that you need is to write it on the back of a light switch panel. By doing this, you will likely discover the information while removing these covers before repainting - even if you have forgotten where you wrote it down. Many people actually go as far as to write down the serial number for easy access later.

Using Paint Primer

One of the reasons that many amateur paint jobs end up looking dull or listless once they are dry is that the painter fails to use a primer before applying the first coat of paint. Primer is actually one of the most important parts of the process. It keeps stains or imperfections from the deeper layers of the wall from showing through your paint, helps your paint to spread evenly to the wall without significant blisters and increases the time between paint jobs. It also helps the layer of paint appear much more bright and vibrant.

If you are painting with a lighter color over a darker color, one of the ways that you can make sure you hide the underlying color is by mixing a small amount of the paint with the primer before applying it. This is only possible if both your paint and primer are of the same type (latex or oil). You do not need much paint in the mix but you should be able to tell that the primer is shifting towards the paint color.

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