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Aspiring house painters can enter the field with or without a high school diploma. Some receive training on the job, while others complete educational programs that combine hands-on experience with academic study. Find out more about training options and schools for prospective house painters.

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How to Select a House Painter School

Certificate, associate degree and apprenticeship programs in painting and related subjects are available through select 2-year colleges. Prospective house painters have several factors to consider when selecting a program.

Summary of Considerations

  • Curriculum
  • Career goals
  • Hands-on opportunities

Prospective house painters might choose to enroll in programs where additional skills relevant to painting, such as drywall installation, are incorporated into the curricula. Programs that include aesthetic elements, such as decoration, could prepare students for specialized work.

Career Goals

Certificate programs might appeal to individuals interested in entry-level positions or those who already have experience in the field and would like to reinforce it with academic credentials. Associate degree programs, which might prepare students for supervisory or administrative positions in the profession, sometimes include courses in business management, accounting and leadership. Students interested in a broader understanding of construction jobs might choose to enroll in programs that include courses in basic blueprint reading and building codes.

Hands-On Opportunities

Hands-on experience working with professionals in the field can help students gain skills in residential, commercial and industrial settings. Apprenticeship programs typically offer students the opportunity to train extensively with painters over a number of years, and students sometimes can incorporate this work experience with academic experiences en route to an associate degree. Part-time courses and work opportunities might appeal to students with professional or personal scheduling conflicts.

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Popular Q&A

I need info on residential / commercial painting prices?

Ive been in the trade for about 7years but don't know pricing. Example. Ceilings, trim, walls, doors, window frames, staining, shading, lacquering. Price for sq ft. For new build/repaints. I am starting my own company. I have the legal part covered I just need to know the pricing please.

We have an estimate tool on our website if you are interested in figuring out our pricing here on the east coast of Canada. Not going to toss out my numbers as they differ from one area to another dependent on many different factors. Follow the link below if interested.

What is the price for painting a commercial aircraft?

Depend on several Factors.
1 Are you doing a Full removal and Repaint or a Touch up? Full removal and Repaint is much more expensive.
2 What Colors are you using? Different Colors can cost different prices. Flat Paint is usually cheaper the Gloss.
3 What kind of Paint? Poly or Lacquer?
5 How complicated is your paint scheme? As in all things Time=Money.
Generally on say a 737? 100-175k. But if your doing something like Alaska Air did? The Sky is Literally the Limit.
I've seen and done paint jobs that used over 700 gallons of Paint but that was on a C-5 and we reprimed and Painted …

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